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August 10, 2009

The work of Reverse Collective is a fusion of contemporary dance, performance, visual art, music and sound art employed in search of a universal language that engulfs the spectator and transcends age, gender, language, political stance, religious views and not least formal training.

The key element is a multi layered method of expression that toys with universal imagery, through a multitude of live snap shot images and atmospheres rapidly and cunningly transforming from one into another, throughout the performances.

No linear storyline is ever employed, and open interpretation – to create works which invite reflection, without forcing a specific point of view upon the spectator – are also emphasized Reverse Collective trademarks.

Reverse Collective are:

Chorographer and performer Marie-Louise Stentebjerg

Musician and performer Mikko Mansikkala Jensen

Visual artist and performer Sia Tang Boman

Reverse Collective